by Fade To Oblivion

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The souls
It took
Of a hundred generations
Time from now to antiquity
Coursing through my veins
And yet
In a moment
I consumed her very heart
The two galactic souls combine
An’ I knew I was wrong

I watched the sky open up
Unleashing perdition
I should have known
The price of ending fate
Absolute deletion

And they can never escape
No matter how hard they try for I
No longer hold that key

They are yours to dominate
Dominate for all time
Held captive
Their fates are yours
The divine

When the sky rips open
Turn away
Or witness the conclusion of an age
For the sins
Of a universe
Light my pain
Know my pain
And Throw away
Just like this burning acidic rain
The fallout alone will be
And now I see
What’s happening
As this world collapses atmospheric pressure is released

From a top this frozen throne
As I watch the world recede
The pain running through my veins
Is nothing compared to thee

And then even the disease died
Leaving me
But with each destruction and fall
I rose more
Becoming a singularity
An ultimate nexus of power

And we’ll know
All the pain below
And you’ll know
The pain below

And so within me it screams
And all you souls of the damned
Living within
Bare witness
To your ultimate creation!

Within my mind synaptic fusion does occur
The action potentials become a continuous bi-directional flow
My skin
Turns to steel
My mind expands
I am become Gaia
And Gaia is within me
I am a god in a forsaken land
And with this new found strength
I expand
Into the cosmos

And what do I find but more beings like me
Except weak feeble things
Creatures of dust and ash
And within them I see a hatred
Much like that of my own word
Before collapse
Within its very existence

Reporter: Salex Davino reporting for Seoul on the hour. Riots in the Perseid’s Veil continue to ramp up, as secessionist forces begin making good on previous threats. The GDF issued a statement early that no serious injuries have been reported but steps were being taken to mitigate rebellious activity. Now we go to Mike at Station Omega, home of the newly commissioned Fifth Fleet. Mike what can you tell us?

Well Salex, it appears that this group of vessels will, in moments, be en route to stamp out the mysterious disturbances. But the military is keeping a closed mouth on any details of the operation, or the offenders. Stay tuned!

Following the fifth fleet
On their way to star cluster five
To stop a rebellion at it’s birth
Only Admiral Karriko knows the way
(We’re gonna find them!)
(Within their temple of the Strange)

So onward boys
The time is now
Fear not the liquid form
These shape shifters
From Beyond time
They must
Be removed

For that which they do
Is against the laws of nature
(against the laws of nature)
They’ll take a man
And twist him, contort him, corrupt him and maim
(beyond recognition)
Via mitosis
They will increase him in size,
In fuction
In form
And having done so they’ll release him upon the stars

Onward men
in this moment we write history
Make them rue the day that we darkened their skies!
Red group, tighten up that far flank
Lieutenant bring about all forward laser batteries
All units engage, engage!
To Destiny

Why can’t they see
Why does no one see
We are all the same
I spent the eons
Searching for the answer
The life worth living
These fools don’t hold the answer
Their fate
I realize is to fall

Let the current pull me on
From this broken world of lies

Never to return
Forsaken seed of Adam
I’ve seen your destiny
Beyond those fading gates
Of time
As the sky opened up with perdition
I found a new beginning
The stellar open door
To a brand new world


released December 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Fade To Oblivion Columbus, Ohio

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