Of Death And Vengeance

by Fade To Oblivion

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released September 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Fade To Oblivion Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Impending Doom
In this final battle
To determine the age
A man shall rise
To take his place
From humblest beginnings
From the poorest of lives
The end will be drawn
From inside his mind
For the hubris of man
Shall bring about her end
And now bare witness to this beginning of the end

Swing the blades
And bring them down on heads of stone
We the legion, we stand alone
Behold this dauntless horde they come as one
Feel the world it shakes
they march just to rip apart our veins

Around the battles and the screams of death
I stand surrounded
Bloody smile crosses my face
This is how I'll have it

After countless slain now they still come
With one false move you're lying in your blood
They conquer us
With authority
From an ancient land,
Lain far across the sea

Push on to take the great unknown
The fire's burning all around us
When, encircling
Impending Doom
But I, I must survive
If I, I alone

I awoke, on a bed of picked clean bones
Scream in anguish, we die alone
Without a sound I raise my aching head
Above the stars' embrace
How long have I slept among the grave

Above the field the vultures skulk and prey
Their feast abounding
With sinew torn from their flesh
Men bloat the wretched

Not a soul survived the beasts are gone
All the trails of the damned ones leave them driving
on my very home
Smoke issues forth, from the mountain-side
I know I'll never
I'll never

I'll find a way
this war is far from over
I'll return
Mark my words
This is not the last time
You'll hear my name
In your dreams
Track Name: Slaughter
Eyes, which once were mine
Now milky stares
Reflecting, my misery
Strewn about, this child opened up
Convicting, this coward it reflects

Young mother's head yet rolling
Whispering lullabies
A final song to sooth her child with no time left to cry

Tear out my eyes
Remove their memories
I know where you dwell
I am the catalyst
In time you shall see through my eyes

A family torn apart
Ripped into memories
Shadows taunt and dance
Imitating living dreams
Like this end of the watchman's torch
These remains light my path no more

Clutch not the child
To your failing chest
Or you shall both become one target less
Too late now the sands halt their fall
Turning to glass an end to all your lies

The blood coagulates
Wet but gelling still
The pane, it's broken
Resonates my soul
As blood thickens, cold

You've taken,
Everything from me
You're forsaken,
You follow, the truth will soon be found
Now swallow, the pain
It builds behind my eyes
I defy!
And soon you shall see
I am (I am)
The one (the one)
From which you should run
I close my eyes
And say my final bloody goodbye
Track Name: Visions In The Cold
When a man has lost everything that makes him what he is,
He will give it all away for vengeance

Go forth to find the answers when nothing left remains
All shall be given unto you

Essence of the Master
From far in the East
And she smiles so viciously

Their lives falling down
Like burning ash
I find, that my crime
Transforms, into a need to fight for you
This rage
Burns hot to find you
And tear you limb from limb
In time, this shall come to be

And the sun (the sun)
Shall rise (shall rise)
Upon this wretched sky
Tear back this veil (this veil)
To find (to find)
The irony
The deceiver shall be deceived

Dark thoughts surely prevail on the path that's devoid of light

Sharpened resolve throw back the veil
Burn like the sun to reveal

Vapor trails the steps
Like creaking falls beneath
Almost audibly does she prowl

Your will
And mine
Our destinies combined
But where lies the path
All the pain
My hate
Were all the deaths in vain
When will I find my answers
What is it all for
(and she says)
To guide,
To corrupt
To enslave the world
To guide,
To corrupt
To enslave the world
Track Name: Requiem
Again we are driven
Dashed upon unforgiving shores of eternity
With all hope long lost
But air my last desperate gasp
I will wander
I will seek
To stem the tide

To walk this path alone
As the ashes of my past
Fall like rain

How could I have known
How could I have known what lay beyond the curtain of lies
now drawn
Yet I will rise, even as I fall
Track Name: Descension
I seek to end the foe afar
'Fore there's nothing left to save
(Follow, you'll find, your way)
These tauntings' echo through my mind
Like the sound of piercing wails
From my slaughtered country-side

My life, My soul, My world laid bare

Blade of the Fathers'
Crusher of souls
When metal reaches skin
Your will,
Shall implode
There's no escape when it's flag I bear
Blade of these Fathers'
Your destiny
It ends with me

Driven by anguish
The chains do lead me on
Steel, glinting through the haze
Sharp as the brightest mind
One look and I've sealed all fates

My life, My soul, enslaved

From a daze in the back of my mind
I awaken, inside this mind redefined
Something is calling,
From an ancient time
And it speaks, so decisively
Drawn against my will
I give in, I give in to the hate

From Dust,
I'm Born
This world is mine
Track Name: Traitor
Pain, great whip of life
Driving forward with insipid strike
Stand tall or wither away
This whip arcs back
Commanding ever-looking
The one who is betrayed
I shall be the master, it
Now my slave
I bear the lashings' with a grin
In this fire do I build
A foundation upon rage

Traitor, and teacher
Maestro of the damned
All consuming power
Your lying throat I'll tear out
On the day, The student becomes the master

She shall realize her wish
I'll be at her side
But not as her guardian
As sweet demise
Biting the hand that force feeds
I've had no choice
Until now
I'm taking control

Coursing through veins
Corruption complete
Deceiver be deceived
As your instrument attacks
Track Name: The Forge
Listen, now that we have the time. Lets have a chat shall we?
Now tell me, young mortal
What you know of peace,
Beyond the peace of the grave
When in the confines of your mind do you hide
Tell me what you know
Of my domain?

In time, you'll find, I'm right, I'm right, you know I'm right!

To do what must be done,
You must look inside yourself
Ya know, I've always been there
Lurking through the ancient blood
Of your veins
Unleash it's power

Tell me what you'll give
For I shall take it all
And this is the price you will pay
All your hopes, all your dreams
Lay them to rest,
For you must become my fount of despair

Henceforth from this time there shall arise, an end to all things

The great
Corrupted shield of man
Lies before you,
You have taken me,
Now I do own you,
For all time,
For your time,

With new strength
Arise to end the world
Descend into blackness
That burns,
Hotter than the sun

Tell me one last time
What you know of hopelessness
For I, have made it
Your life
Trapped within this cage of steel
In solitude
This thief,
I take all you are!

In time, you'll find, I'm right, I'm right, you know I'm right!

You begged, for a messiah
For a deceiver
For your mind,
Here I am,
Take me in,
Turns out, I am your mind, your soul, I am everything you are!

To save his son,
To save the world
he buried the sword in his chest
but it was too late
And the world could not reanimate
all that is gone
And father!
You can't rend destiny!
You bowed at her feet,
And it's far too late
Far far too late!
Track Name: Ascent
Laying out the plans and schemes on cliffs on mountain high,
She designed the path,
For my swift demise,
Secretly she plotted,
Manipulating me,
Into a carnal beast ,
With teeth of steel to lead,

Now taste her fear,
The sweetest of perfumes
Returning with lust's bluest flame
Temptress of Fate
Soon you'll fall into my lasting embrace

Obsessed with the prophecies of ancient days gone by,
An immortal queen awoke,
Despairing of her plight,
The fates had finally spoken,
Her reins end drawing nigh
But she would not relent,
This world she would defy,

Ascend that slope,
That steepest climb
My will, bridging our divide

Goliath of earth unyielding
Sending arms of ardent light
With each moment, I grow nearer
Feeding the furnace of her desire
And this mountain, her last bastion of hope
Like a child, I hear your sobs, they call to me
From on high
But fear not my little one,
On this very evening, your end, your night
Draws near

This cursed fate binds me to adhere to her side
So I will not relent
Vengeance shall be mine
Though she has plotted throughout the centuries
This unleashed carnal beast
Has strength yet to deceive

Ascend that slope,
That steepest climb,
My will bridging the divide,
I to hold her hand
I to watch her die

Not all can be saved,
I'm coming for you,
This longing drives me on,
To have you to hold,
I'd tear out my own heart,
Just as I've come to feast on your's,
I've come to feast,
On your's,
I've come to feast on you,
Track Name: Of Death And Vengeance
Here I stand at the end,
Beckoning the night,
I exist to cause you pain,
Lusting for your sight,
False prophet!

For too long, you've owned me, I know this well,
This day I, set deeds right, today I, rebel
Hush fool your time has come
Be still your trembling heart,
It will stop before,

My kingdom come,
My will be done,
Now and forever!

Standing face to face,
Finally feel alive,
Blind oracle of countless days,
Foresee your demise
For too long, you've owned me, I've turned the tides,
Forge a new, destiny, as we combine
Your soul is mine, by steel you did refine
Scream for, everlasting pain

Our age beginning,
Pull back your locks divine,
Partaking of the flesh,
In madness,
Your time has ended

Face to face at last,
We stand divided,
From the ashes of my life
Here I am, right before you,
The embodiment of death and vengeance,
For your crimes,
I'll let this world,
Let it burn

For my life,
For my bride,
For my world,
From the gates of hell,
I ascend
And now you must die,
But your soul, your soul,
Is mine
And forever, eternity you'll stay with me
Despair, shall echo time
All crimes of the divine
Are paid in full (by the)
Slave of destruction's age

This trinity,
Of death
Forged upon,
This wretched plain
Never before has such a bleak dawn arose,
To arise,
It's taking all this time
All this time to realize,
I am the rotting face of an empire,
The sole man upon this world
Chose by the divine
To damn all that I love
I have brought this world to it's knees
Never to rise again

And eternal night,
descended upon the world
For fate,
Knows only,
Of Death..... And Vengeance